Consumer Report: Clean or Not Clean

As business owners, we tend to look at our business through our own “daily blinders”. We don’t get to see or feel the experience that our consumers or clients feel when they enter our establishment. In my field of work, I hear feedback on people’s opinions on the cleanliness of other buildings from time to time. With that, I decided to start sharing their experiences in hopes to shed some light to local businesses owners to see if they are “Clean or Not Clean”. My latest consumer reporter wrote the following:

“There is nothing more distracting than walking into a professional building that looks like a grunge spot. I recently made a visit to our County Social Services office to drop off some necessary paperwork. What can I say? the condition of the facility was entirely unexpected. If cleanliness is next to godliness, there was no god here. It was deplorable. The moment I walked through the door, the odorous stench flushed me. I looked around to survey the room but all I could see were aged dirt and grime piled up in every corner. The rug was so extremely dirty that I couldn’t conclude it’s original color, perhaps it might have been green or maybe brown at one time. It is certainly not a color I can recall. There is a section of the main area that’s tiled, even they looked as if they have never been cleaned.

I was afraid to touch anything let alone use the bathroom, unfortunately, nature called. I walked into the bathroom and the first thing you notice is the sink, it had a dingy ring around the drain. The floor littered with toilet paper, accompanied by splatters of what could only be described as urine. Even if I had ten seat covers draped over the seat I couldn’t do it. After that experience, I have decided my next visit will be by mail and not in person.”

Luckily for this business, this experience didn’t result in a loss of a customer. Businesses cut corners on their cleaning services all the time to try to help their bottom line. However, if they are losing clients due to their unkempt quarters, it is certainly a lose, lose situation that they will never be aware of.

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Choosing Quantity or Quality

As a business owner, I understand the importance of making decisions on choosing quantity or quality. I too have to make decisions to ensure that my expenses are sustainable. In doing so, a business owner should always consider whether the quality of the item or service exceeds, matches or undermines the cost.

quantity or quality

To save on overhead costs a lot of business owners will choose cost over the long term effects on the quality of the product or service they are receiving. The last thing a business owner wants to do is waste money. However, according to CEB Global, one of the mistakes businesses make is placing too much emphasis on their own costs, noting that businesses should spend more time looking at what they can do for the company at large and cheapest doesn’t always equal best.

When quoting customers for cleaning services, I run into this issue a lot. Many clients do not understand how cleaning companies quote their services. For example, one of the factors figured into quoting a client is how long it will take to clean the building. To compete in pricing, a lot of cleaning companies will factor the fastest amount of time to clean your building in order to quote you the best price. Fast is okay, as long as you can actually get the job done in the amount of time quoted. If your building would normally take a quality cleaning service 3 hours to THOROUGHLY clean but you were quoted 2 hours, you will receive rushed, inconsistent, and incomplete cleaning services. When a business under-quotes the amount of time to clean your business just to gain your services, they will require their employee to clean it in that amount of time.

When visiting prospects I have heard stories from potential clients complaining that their current cleaning service continues to miss steps; not putting the furniture back, forgetting to empty trash bins, etc. The employees are the ones responsible for fixing their mistakes when they arrive the next morning. This also requires management to make calls to the cleaning service to get corrective actions in place. This type of service ruins productivity and costs the business more money.

As the owner and operator of Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. I know exactly how much time and effort it takes to provide high-quality, consistent service. How? Because I am not just a business owner, I am a hands-on experienced cleaner. I have cleaned each and every one of my clients’ buildings. When quoting my clients I provide the competitive pricing that the client needs and deserves so that their building is cleaned the right way, every time.

When quoting new business I sometimes lose the bid to what I like to call “The Cheapo” companies. I have developed a philosophy similar to what is mentioned by, the biggest area where you see quality over quantity prevail is in the auto industry. I don’t try to compete with “The Cheapo” companies on price, I have come to the understanding that some clients would prefer a cheap car with more repairs, vs a luxury car with a full warranty. Which do you prefer for your business?

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Tired of Tapering Cleaning Services?

Tapering cleaning service is the number one reason we hear when a potential client is looking to change vendors. Furniture not put back in place, trash not dumped, dusting not complete. You name it, we hear it and the little things eventually add up to one big dissatisfaction.


As a business owner, the best way to beat the competition is to not Be the competition. Using temporary workers, not assigning the same workers to consistently clean the same building, and improper training are all things that lead to tapering cleaning and unsatisfied clients. At Phillips Janitorial Services, we Strive to Exceed Your Expectations and be the last cleaning company our clients will ever need. In order for us to achieve this goal, we listen to our clients to see what is expected of us. Additionally, we do a thorough assessment of their building. After the assessment, we come up with a Systematic Cleaning Program that our hired employees are trained to follow to ensure our clients arrive to a spotless, dust-free, sanitary environment.

We know how important it is for our clients to make a great first impression, every time. If you are constantly reminding your cleaning company to clean, then they are doing it wrong and you are not getting your full ROI.

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Does Your Cleaning Service Do This?

When hiring a cleaning service you expect the usual dusting, vacuuming, wipe downs and trash dumping.  But what about the services that go above and beyond the normal commercial cleaning routine? That is what Phillips Janitorial Services strives to do for each and every one of our clients. With our motto “Striving to Exceed Expectations”, not only do we ensure that we provide a cleaning service that does not taper off in quality, but we go beyond the normal scale of cleaning to ensure when our clients walk into their facility they can see, smell and feel the difference.

cleaning service

One way that we strive to go beyond the call of duty is by ensuring that our client’s carpets are not just vacuumed but cleaned; free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter. After your carpets are vacuumed our employees go over each area to check for items stuck in between the carpet fibers. Our staff is trained to carefully remove staples, paper clips or any other embedded debris from your carpet by hand.   This is a standard service that is given to each and every one of our clients to help ensure the highest level of clean is given.

cleaning service


Do your employee meetings constantly contain talks about the filthy kitchen microwave? Most commercial cleaning companies either do not offer microwave cleaning services or it is offered at an additional charge.

cleaning service


With Phillips Janitorial Services, microwave cleaning is a standard service given to our clients. Gone are the days of the unwanted emails or repetitive employee meetings regarding the dreaded microwave cleaning.  Phillips Janitorial Services is equipped to use the proper supplies to clean and sanitize your microwave with each cleaning.

Since 2005 Phillips Janitorial Services has been striving to be the last cleaning company that our clients ever need by constantly striving to exceed their expectations. We are competitively priced and provide comprehensive single-source cleaning to major corporations and local businesses throughout the Delaware Valley. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction allows our customers’ buildings to make a great first impression, every day.

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Bed Bugs In Your Office?

When thinking of bed bugs we think of those nasty little bugs found in homes and hotels. Most people don’t realize they are found in the workplace as well. Remember last year when bed bugs shut down state offices in New Jersey’s capital?

bed bugs

Bed bugs can be found anywhere. Unfortunately, something so simple as sending a sales rep away for a week can result in bed bugs for both you and your sales rep. The good news is, the office is not normal breeding grounds for bed bugs. The bad news is that they are more likely to hitch a ride with your employees to start breeding in their homes.

With consistent cleaning, you can help prevent your business from being a source for bed bugs. Here are some tips to help your office stay bed bug free:

  • Reduce Clutter – Reducing clutter in the workplace helps provide fewer places for bedbugs to hide.
  • Consistent Cleaning – Cleaning of areas where people tend to rest like break rooms, conference rooms and any areas with padded furniture will help reduce the risk of bed bugs.
  • Daily Vacuuming – Dusting and vacuuming common areas will help pick up bed bugs before they have a chance to settle in or go home with employees.

A bed bug outbreak in the office can have serious consequences for you and your employees especially if the Board of Health gets involved. Ensuring that you have a professional cleaning service in place is key to avoiding this liability. Phillips Janitorial Services provides a high level of consistent quality to ensure our clients’ buildings are clean and sanitary.

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Holiday Cleanup

Holiday Cleanup

Expecting your employees to do your post-holiday party cleanup? Don’t kill your office morale by making your employees do the cleaning. Unless your employees’ job description contains maintenance or janitorial duties do not rely on them to fulfill these responsibilities. Contracting this work to a professional commercial cleaning company will allow your employees to focus on more productive job responsibilities and help keep office morale at it’s best.

Additionally, While it may seem like you’re saving money by having your employees clean your business, it’s likely to cost you more. Since your employees are not trained cleaners, they do not work at the same speed or work knowledge, so you are likely paying more to have your employees do it.

Smudged food on floors, stains on carpets and over-flowing refrigerators are all duties to be handled by professional cleaners who have the experience in handling equipment and providing the proper service.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc, provides single-source comprehensive cleaning. Our core services include daily commercial cleaning and maintenance service, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and refinishing, window cleaning, post-construction cleanup, and emergency cleaning services.

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Holiday Cleaning Is Important For Your Business.

Holiday Cleaning

The weather is changing and the holidays are here! Holiday cleaning is essential to businesses during this time of year. With the weather change, leaves are falling, dust is blowing and it is all being trafficked right through your front door. Making sure your lobby is free of leaves and debris and your carpets are not stained is key.

This is the time of year that people love to spread holiday cheer. You never know when a client or vendor may drop by to bring a gift or a holiday greeting. If you are in the retail business, more traffic this holiday season means bathrooms need more attention and cleaning needs to be more frequent. Additionally, if you plan to host a holiday party with employees and clients, you will want your impression to be a great one.

Let’s not forget the kitchen. With Thanksgiving leftovers, the office refrigerator and microwave can quickly become what appears to be a failed science project. Making sure this area stays clean is important to holiday happiness and health.

A clean, sanitary environment makes everything appear brighter and happier. Those holiday decorations seem to sparkle a little more near a freshly waxed floor or shampooed carpet. Your office will smell cleaner and feel sanitized as you enjoy the food during your holiday party. Holiday cleaning can help keep your staff in a happier more productive mood and make a great impression on those drop by visits from vendors and clients.

Let Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. give your building the holiday cleaning that you, your staff and your clients deserve. Contact us today!

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Could Your Business Use a Makeover?

Vacations are over and the kids are headed back to school. New clothes, new supplies and all the things that help make them feel confident to start anew. You sent them off refreshed and new, but what about you?
As you walk into the office each day, could you or your employees use a refreshing makeover?

Dirty carpets, faded walls and office disarray, not only clutter our work space but also clutter our minds.

Refreshing your office can help your business in two big ways.

Your Staff: Showing your staff that you care to take their office space to the next level will inspire them to “kick it up a notch” and help revitalize your office team.

Your Customers: Anytime a customer hears that their vendor is doing something “new” shows innovation and continuous improvement.

So go ahead and start your makeover today!

Reorganize your office, add a fresh coat of paint, and while you’re at it, contact Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. In addition to daily cleaning and maintenance, we provide carpet cleaning, floor stripping and finishing, window cleaning and more! And don’t forget to ask about our Green Cleaning services!

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What Does Quality Look Like?

quality looks

How do you know if the CVS generic medicine will work as well as the Branded medicine? How do you know if those $80 Nike sneakers really work better than the $30 knockoffs?

Quality defined is “The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.”

In short, to really see what quality looks like, you have to do a comparison. You may have found that the generic medication worked on your headache just as well as the branded one. However, After choosing those $30 knockoffs you may have found that the soles wore down quicker after running in them for only a few weeks. Whether you try it yourself or ask around to see what others think, a comparison is still necessary in order to see the quality and make a decision.

In business quality is measured the same way, you don’t know until you make the comparison. Some of my clients are people who I have met in passing. In conversation I said to them, “If I were to ask you if you were happy with your cleaning service you would say yes, right?” The majority of them respond back with “no”. I ask that question because it forces people to make a mental comparison of what they have verses what they want. They begin to think of cut corners and other things that they are unhappy about but previously deemed as “good enough” or “acceptable”. A lot of my clients did not know the true meaning of quality when it came to a cleaning service because they had never seen it…..until, the day they were forced to compare it to their true expectations.

Quality is important in all of our businesses. It helps to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. When your potential clients walk into your business, whether it be a car dealership, restaurant, medical facility, real estate office or corporate office. These are all places they have visited before. Subconsciously when someone walks into your establishment they are making an assessment or mental comparison on the appearance of your business. The polished floors, cleaned carpet and fresh smelling office of your competitor may have an affect on whether they believe you will be able to deliver a better service.

So today I challenge you and ask, “If I were to ask you if you were happy with your cleaning service you would say yes, right?”

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What Makes Phillips Janitorial Services Different A High Quality Cleaning Service?

Want to know what makes Phillips Janitorial Services a high Quality Cleaning Service?

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