Paying Your Employees to Clean Your Business.



Paying your employees to clean your business instead of contracting the work to a licensed janitorial service is a decisions that may not work for your benefit. As business owners we always want to find the easiest way of running our company without hurting our bottom line. However, sometimes “easy” is not the most effective way of doing business and those decisions become costly mistakes.

The following are some of the damaging effects of paying your employees to clean your office:

Liability and Insurance – Perhaps one of the most problematic issues of paying employees to clean your office is liability and insurance. Because of the nature of the work and equipment involved with janitorial services there is a high level of liability. Not being properly insured against these specific liabilities associated with cleaning staff can be very costly to a business owner if your employee is injured while cleaning your building.

Cost Effectiveness – Having your employees clean your office means you have to incur the expenses of all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. Additionally, most employees clean the office after hours or on weekends, meaning over time cost for the business owner. These costs can quickly climb and significantly affect your bottom line.

Experience and Quality of Service – Providing a professional cleaning to a professional business is not the same as house cleaning. Employees do not have the proper training to provide your business with the quality of service it deserves. Moreover, they are not trained to provide the proper time management to get the work done in the least amount of time. Lack of quality and time management can cause issues between management and employees, thus causing problems in the workplace and affect regular job performances.

The best way to avoid these possible pitfalls is to outsource your cleaning needs to a licensed, professional cleaning business like Phillips Janitorial Services.

We are fully insured and bonded so we are responsible for any on the job liabilities, thus alleviating business owners of this costly liability. Phillips Janitorial Services provides all of it’s own cleaning supplies and equipment so our clients do not have to continuously purchase their own cleaning supplies. Additionally our employees are put through a systematic, meticulous training program to ensure high quality service with proper time management is met. If your company values professional, quality service, and cost savings without the risk of company liability then contact us today!

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Germs in your workplace – How Clean is Your Office?

germs in your workplace

Germs in your workplace

With Allergy season upon us one cannot help but think about the germs in our workplace. A lot of workers eat lunch and snack at their desk, not realizing that the typical desk has more germs than the average kitchen.

Some common areas for people to contract and spread workplace germs are:

Light Switches

Fax/Copy Machines

Door Handles

Cafeteria/Lunch Room

Coffee Stations

We all know the rules that aid in slowing the spread of workplace germs:

Washing your hands

Remembering to wipe down your work stations everyday

Avoid shaking hands as much as possible

Carry hand sanitizer

Yet, many of those rules are not followed.

Ensuring you have a good cleaning service is another way to stop the spread of workplace germs.

At Phillips Janitorial Service, Inc. our meticulous cleaning plan ensures that your work areas are cleaned and disinfected to help stop the spread of germs in your workplace.

Our systematic cleaning system ensures that clean rags and wipes are used each time to slow the spread of germs and ensure proper cleaning. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Call today and schedule to have your facility and current maintenance program examined by a Phillips Janitorial Services Professional. 856-417-3006.

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Your Office Image – What Does it Project?

your office image
What does your office image project?
When you walk into an establishment for the first time, the first impression of their building says a lot. Just as the cleanliness of a restaurant will help you decide if you will eat there, the appearance of your business may affect whether or not a client will want to do business with you.

Parking lot trash, window smudges, cluttered reception area and a dirty bathroom are all things that “speak” to your clients in ways you won’t like. These things show a lack of attention to details and efficiency. You may think no one is paying attention to the un-mopped bathroom floor or the dust balls in the corner, but one too many blemishes can hurt your reputation.

The cleanliness of your building also tells clients how much you care about your employees. A clean office environment keeps employees happier and healthier. If you don’t care about your employee work environment, your clients may wonder how you are going to care for their business.

You may think your clients and customers are not paying attention, but don’t under estimate them. They work in an office environment as well and know oh too well how difficult it is to work efficiently in a dirty, disorganized environment.

Having a work environment that lacks attention to details, cleanliness and employee care can really have a negative affect on your clients and customers.

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Not Your Ordinary Service – Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Although every business owner knows that quality service is a key aspect of a successful business, it is something that is lacking in our business world. So much so, quality service is the competitive advantage of small business.

As the owner of Phillips Janitorial Services, I discovered a need for a cleaning service that provided consistent quality. From observing the frequent change of cleaning companies by my former employers and from conversations with a colleague who similarly experienced frequent quality cleaning issues at a business he owned, I knew it was time to provide a cutting-edge cleaning service to business owners.

How does Phillips Janitorial Services differ from other commercial cleaners?

  • Noticeable, Consistent, high quality cleaning and attention to details – I developed a consistent, systematic cleaning system for my employees to follow. I also personally check my clients’ buildings to make sure that all of the steps are followed and completed. Quality is key so I put emphasis on “running a tight ship”.
  • Low turn over rate – I do my best to hire the right people the first time. I personally train each employee and because of the dedicated time involved in their training, it is vital to only hire people who fit the right criteria for my company. I also do not hire temporary help. This is key to ensure that all of my clients’ buildings get the care they deserve.
  • Friendly, available, responsive customer service – It is important to provide a single-point of contact for my clients. That single point of contact is Me! If there are any questions or concerns, I am just a phone call away!

With  11 years of business, Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. is sure to provide you with the quality cleaning service your business deserves.

I guarantee it!  Call me today for a free, no obligation assessment! 856-261-9116.

**Voted Best In Biz 2015!

Phillips Janitorial Services

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Hello world! Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. Blog Introduction

Phillips Janitorial Services, inc. introduction.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. is a premier New Jersey commercial cleaning business, providing a meticulous, quality clean to all of our clients.

As the owner of Phillips Janitorial Services, I am dedicated to achieving a high level of customer retention through providing a meticulous cleaning service. Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. was established in 2005 to provide comprehensive single-source cleaning to major corporations and local businesses in the Delaware Valley. We currently operate in a 50-mile radius of Mullica Hill (our home base). Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction allows our customers’ buildings to make a great first impression, every day. Once we clean your building you’ll wonder why you didn’t try us sooner!


Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. the superior choice for commercial cleaning!

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. Introduction

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. Introduction