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Choosing Quantity or Quality

quantity or quality

As a business owner, I understand the importance of making decisions on choosing quantity or quality. I too have to make decisions to ensure that my expenses are sustainable. In doing so, a business owner should always consider whether the quality of the item or service exceeds, matches or undermines the cost. To save on… Read more »

Tired of Tapering Cleaning Services?

Tapering Cleaning Service

Tapering cleaning service is the number one reason we hear when a potential client is looking to change vendors. Furniture not put back in place, trash not dumped, dusting not complete. You name it, we hear it and the little things eventually add up to one big dissatisfaction.   As a business owner, the best way… Read more »

Does Your Cleaning Service Do This?

When hiring a cleaning service you expect the usual dusting, vacuuming, wipe downs and trash dumping.  But what about the services that go above and beyond the normal commercial cleaning routine? That is what Phillips Janitorial Services strives to do for each and every one of our clients. With our motto “Striving to Exceed Expectations”,… Read more »

Holiday Cleanup

Expecting your employees to do your post-holiday party cleanup? Don’t kill your office morale by making your employees do the cleaning. Unless your employees’ job description contains maintenance or janitorial duties do not rely on them to fulfill these responsibilities. Contracting this work to a professional commercial cleaning company will allow your employees to focus… Read more »

Holiday Cleaning Is Important For Your Business.

Holiday Cleaning

The weather is changing and the holidays are here! Holiday cleaning is essential to businesses during this time of year. With the weather change, leaves are falling, dust is blowing and it is all being trafficked right through your front door. Making sure your lobby is free of leaves and debris and your carpets are… Read more »

Could Your Business Use a Makeover?


Vacations are over and the kids are headed back to school. New clothes, new supplies and all the things that help make them feel confident to start anew. You sent them off refreshed and new, but what about you? As you walk into the office each day, could you or your employees use a refreshing… Read more »

Your Office Image – What Does it Project?

What does your office image project? When you walk into an establishment for the first time, the first impression of their building says a lot. Just as the cleanliness of a restaurant will help you decide if you will eat there, the appearance of your business may affect whether or not a client will want… Read more »

Not Your Ordinary Service – Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. Although every business owner knows that quality service is a key aspect of a successful business, it is something that is lacking in our business world. So much so, quality service is the competitive advantage of small business. As the owner of Phillips Janitorial Services, I discovered a need for a… Read more »

Hello world! Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. Blog Introduction

Phillips Janitorial Services, inc. introduction. Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. is a premier New Jersey commercial cleaning business, providing a meticulous, quality clean to all of our clients. As the owner of Phillips Janitorial Services, I am dedicated to achieving a high level of customer retention through providing a meticulous cleaning service. Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc…. Read more »