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Choosing Quantity or Quality

quantity or quality

As a business owner, I understand the importance of making decisions on choosing quantity or quality. I too have to make decisions to ensure that my expenses are sustainable. In doing so, a business owner should always consider whether the quality of the item or service exceeds, matches or undermines the cost. To save on… Read more »

Does Your Cleaning Service Do This?

When hiring a cleaning service you expect the usual dusting, vacuuming, wipe downs and trash dumping.  But what about the services that go above and beyond the normal commercial cleaning routine? That is what Phillips Janitorial Services strives to do for each and every one of our clients. With our motto “Striving to Exceed Expectations”,… Read more »

Not Your Ordinary Service – Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. Although every business owner knows that quality service is a key aspect of a successful business, it is something that is lacking in our business world. So much so, quality service is the competitive advantage of small business. As the owner of Phillips Janitorial Services, I discovered a need for a… Read more »