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What Does Quality Look Like?

How do you know if the CVS generic medicine will work as well as the Branded medicine? How do you know if those $80 Nike sneakers really work better than the $30 knockoffs? Quality defined is “The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.”… Read more »

Paying Your Employees to Clean Your Business.

  Paying your employees to clean your business instead of contracting the work to a licensed janitorial service is a decisions that may not work for your benefit. As business owners we always want to find the easiest way of running our company without hurting our bottom line. However, sometimes “easy” is not the most… Read more »

Your Office Image – What Does it Project?

What does your office image project? When you walk into an establishment for the first time, the first impression of their building says a lot. Just as the cleanliness of a restaurant will help you decide if you will eat there, the appearance of your business may affect whether or not a client will want… Read more »